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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Elk Ink: Sporting the RMEF Pride--Permanently

If this idea catches on, the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation's apparel sales could really tank.

Conservationists have long donned RMEF caps and T-shirts to show their alliance with the organization and its mission. But Mark Barnard of Moscow, Idaho, can now make that statement even in his birthday suit. Permanently.

Inspired by the energy and spirit of Elk Camp 2012 in Las Vegas, Barnard got his first-ever tattoo—an RMEF logo with the words “Life Member”—emblazoned on his upper arm.

“I think it’s a cool logo,” said Barnard, a 15-year member of the RMEF Moscow Chapter committee. “Second to my family, elk hunting is my passion for life. So RMEF is a perfect way for me to protect and conserve that which means so much to me.”

Barnard’s wife and daughter also are life members. So far, no word on whether they too might proudly wear the RMEF logo, even when unclothed.

Elk Camp 2013 is set for February 28-March 3, also in Vegas but at The Mirage.  More than 200 companies will set up shop for the four-day run.  Among the many events are the 25th annual World Elk Calling Championships.  Hope to see ya there!

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