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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Giving Thanks for So Many Things

Happy Thanksgiving!

As we enter a new holiday season, the RMEF family can be truly thankful for so many blessings in 2012.

From an organizational standpoint, our membership continues to grow and fuel our important work for conservation. We have the greatest corps of volunteers on the planet. Our partnering companies, organizations and agencies also are keeping our momentum going strong as ever, even in the face of economic challenges.

Four generations in the Huntsman family

Lingo family (Colorado)
Thanksgiving also is a time to remember our personal godsends. To be grateful for good times afield with family and friends. For the fresh elk meat in our freezers. For outdoor traditions passed down like a cherished .30-06 from our fathers and grandfathers.

But we of the RMEF staff are finely attuned to the fact that the business of conservation is inseparable from the passion for hunting. One cannot exist without the other. It’s a powerful symbiosis that nourishes the sporting heritage as well as the future success of wildlife—and it’s a conservation system that’s absolutely unique to our country.

David Allen

The privilege of living in such a place is a blessing that deserves extra thankfulness this holiday season.

Thanks for all you do for hunting and conservation!


David Allen
President and CEO

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