Ensuring the future of elk, other wildlife, their habitat and our hunting heritage.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Unusual and Not So Unusual Gifts for the Hunter

We all know the old saying “Tis better to give than to receive,” but give what? Well, let’s run down some holiday gift suggestions.

First, we toe the company line. If you want to give the gift of conservation, elk, and elk hunting, there’s no better way to do so than to give someone a membership to the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. Ninety percent of all membership fees go toward furthering the RMEF mission to enhance the future of elk, other wildlife, their habitat and our hunting heritage. The membership level is up to you:

$35 Annual Supporting Membership
$75 Annual Family Membership
$100 Annual Sustaining Membership
$300 Annual Sponsor Membership
$1,500 Life Membership

Whichever membership you choose, the recipient will get a minimum of six bi-monthly issues of the popular Bugle magazine. And if you join right now and use the promo code FHATCH12, the recipient also receives a Browning hatchet and knife set (aka excellent stocking stuffers).

If you want to take a step beyond that, check out the Elk Country Trading Post for more traditional gifts like shirts, hats, books or other gifts such as the 2013 RMEF elk calendar. You could also surprise a loved one with a winter getaway to Las Vegas for Elk Camp 2013.
A Google search quickly pulls up a wide variety of possibilities for the sportsman, the sportswoman, and even the sportskid. For the religiously inclined, there’s what’s called the Holy Shed, a unique replica of a non-typical buck said to have headgear that looked like a cross. It’s 13 inches tall by 17 inches wide and will “add a divine touch to your home's décor.”

If you’re into giving camo, the sky is the limit. It seems just about everything out there has a camo option to it—from bathing towels to men’s swim trunks to a complete green camo baby gift set to what you need to outfit an entire hunter orange and camo and wedding party.

What about holiday decorations for that military friend or family member? There’s a selection of tactical stockings complete with carabiners and pockets or slots for other military-related gizmos.

If you want to go with smaller, more intimate gifts, what about double deer love earrings, a simple elk calf key chain, or maybe a white-tailed buck bobblehead?

However, if money is no object, you could dig deep into that bank account and pony up $75,000 for a Neiman Marcus luxury yurt.

Measuring 18-feet in diameter and featuring a lavish interior, it’s (sort of) like camping in your rich uncle’s house. Luxurious accessories include pillows, a sofa, flower vases, candles and a crystal chandelier designed with glamour colors to accentuate colors of the season. (At least, that’s what the description states.)

Whatever your taste and whatever your budget, your friends at RMEF wish to thank you for your continuing support and wish you the best as you celebrate the joy of the Christmas season with family and loved ones.


  1. I was ratheer disappointed with your "Happy Holidays" card selection this year. You might have called them Christmas cards, but there was no mention of Christmas or other wording that reflected the "real reason for the season." If there had been any anything relating to the birth of Jesus or even the word Christmas, I was prepared to order some "Christmas" cards from the RMEF. Since you seemed intent on being "politically correct," I guess you can market your cards to those who like to send pretty pictures.

  2. RMEF cards do feature elk and beautiful scenery but more than half specifically mention Christmas:
    "Aurora Bliss" states "warmest greetings of the Christmas season.
    "Early Snow" states "wishing you a Merry Christmas..."
    "Indian Summer" states "best wishes for a Merry Christmas..."
    "Swamp Bull" shows "Merry Christmas" on the front of the card.
    "Winter on the Lake" states "Wishing you joy in your home and peace in your world at Christmastime and always."

  3. I have to echo Duand & Sherry above. Sadly, "Merry Christmas" does not connote the real reason for the season for many people anymore. It would be nice to see at least one card option mentioning Christ's birth.

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  7. Some of the gifts are from the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. Others were found while surfing the web.