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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Elk Camp 2013: The "Calm" Before the Storm

Las Vegas Convention Center
Outside the Las Vegas Convention Center, it's a beautiful day.  The sun is shining, the winds are calm and temperatures are in the mid-50s.

Inside, it's a completely different story where all of the "meteorological" terms seem to apply:  stormy, blustery and turbulent. In truth, it is a real whirlwind of activity but it's a controlled frenzy where the smiles of renewed friendships abound. You see, staffers from the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation are busily setting up booths, unpacking crates and boxes, hanging banners, and unrolling the red carpet for thousands of RMEF members and volunteers descending on Vegas from all over the country for Elk Camp, RMEF's annual 29th convention.  
And they're not alone either. Exhibitors from 350 companies and organizations setting up more than 600 booths covering 200,000 square feet are hard at it too--climbing ladders, hanging elk and deer mounts, displaying apparel and wares, and doing whatever they need to do to get ready. And then there are the convention center workers buzzing around the facility on forklifts, scooters, three-wheeled, and various four-wheeled vehicles moving supplies and merchandise to and fro.

What's the bottom line? Come Thursday morning, rain or shine outside, everything and everyone will be in their proper places as the doors swing open on the International Sportsmen's Exposition. Plenty to do. Plenty to see. With nightly activities scheduled at the Mirage, the spotlight of Elk Camp will shine brightly on elk, conservation, hunting, the outdoors and those who love them.

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