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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

RMEF Statement Regarding Randy Newberg

Randy Newberg


RMEF is an organization comprised of hunters and non-hunters who all have a deep passion for wildlife conservation. Recently an issue has arisen regarding the election one of our new Board members. The following will state our position on this issue.

RMEF is a diverse enough organization to allow for opinions/beliefs of all hunters and those non-hunters who support hunting as part of our conservation toolbox in this country. We support and work with private landowners, outfitters and do-it-yourself hunters alike; RMEF’s history speaks for itself on this issue. We intend to continue with these relationships.

Relative to the recent issue of Randy Newberg being selected for a RMEF Board seat, the leadership of the RMEF Board has notified Mr. Newberg that we welcome him to the Board beginning March 3.

RMEF strongly believes that hunter vs. hunter confrontation is non-productive for the future of hunting and wildlife conservation.


John Caid                                                             M David Allen
Chairman, RMEF Board                                  President & CEO


  1. Thank you for your support of Randy. I just renewed a lapsed membership because of it.

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  3. I joined for the first time today because of your support for Randy. Thank you from all the DIY, public land hunters!

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  5. I am joining RMEF today because you made the decision to stand up for someone who advocates for the common do-it-yourself hunter. Thank you for taking this opportunity to stand up for average hunters and outdoors men and women. I will support groups who stand up for us and will oppose those who stand against us. Your actions remind me that you're one of the good ones.

  6. My membership had lapsed a couple years ago. Because of Randy's appointment I am renewing that membership today. There isn't enough support out there for DIY public land hunters. This is something that makes my blood boil. Big game are a public resource and decisions should be made on the public level. Instead they are usually by the outfitters and organizations with the deepest pockets. All of whom are concerned with their own profits and not the health of the herd!