Ensuring the future of elk, other wildlife, their habitat and our hunting heritage.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

RMEF Auctions, Where There are No Losers

Going once, going twice...

And the winner is…elk! And conservation! And all those who opened their pocketbooks and wallets to ensure the future of elk, other wildlife, their habitat and our hunting heritage! That’s how it goes at a Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation auction. And at Elk Camp, the donations are even bigger, as are the benefits.

Team Elk trailer & signature of recording artist Zac Brown inside
Elk Camp 2013 features a wide array of products that, in the end, raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for conservation over the stretch of four different gatherings—the Ladies Auction, Hunters Bonanza Auction, Friday Auction and Saturday Auction. RMEF President and CEO David Allen said it best when he said “The hunt auctions are always a highlight of Elk Camp. From elk in Montana, to plains game in Africa, to tahr in New Zealand, buying a hunt at an RMEF auction is a great way to support conservation because these hunts were donated to our organization by devoted outfitters.”

The donations are as amazing as they are varied and cover an incredibly wide array of tastes, interests, and even dreams. There are more than five dozen featured hunts and trips. There are almost two dozen special hunting permits up for auction on behalf of state agencies and tribes, with the vast majority of proceeds returning to those agencies to fund conservation programs. And don’t forget the firearms and bows—dozens of them. There are sharp things, shiny things, big things, small things, sparkly things, and things (a black lab puppy & a mule) that require feed, care and even loving.

The list of auction items that elk-loving folks will return home with is lengthy. When the sun ultimately sets on another Elk Camp, proceeds from the auction payments will linger much longer than the winnings in the form of more funding for elk, elk country and conservation.

And that makes everyone a winner.

Going once...going twice...Sold!

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