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Friday, February 8, 2013

RMEF = Big Bulls, But Check Out This Record-Setter!

The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation is no stranger to big bulls!  In fact, we are surrounded by them.

Elk Country Visitor Center in Missoula, Montana
Let's start with the Elk Country Visitor Center. Nearly 40,000 children and adults made their way to the VC, as we call it, last year.  It includes a variety of fun, interactive, hands-on exhibits including a diorama with all sorts of other critters you will find throughout elk country.  You can hear an elk bugle, test your wildlife knowledge, identify animal tracks, feel the weight of an antler and enjoy wildlife conservation films and Team Elk episodes in our mini theater.  What you absolutely cannot miss are the dueling bulls as you walk in or the impressive  display of elk mounts near the gift shop.  Oh yeah, there's also an interactive trail outside that winds through the 22-acre RMEF property.        

Great Elk Tour at PBR Finals in Las Vegas
If you've never made it to RMEF headquarters in Missoula, maybe you were nearby when we brought a part of RMEF to you in the form of the Great Elk Tour.  This traveling display of the biggest bulls in the world is our premiere traveling conservation exhibit.  The display not only shows off some eye-bulging elk but offers a better understanding of the habitat needed to support them and how RMEF works to conserve elk country and ensure our hunting heritage.  The six bulls hail from five different states.  Each is unique in its own majestic kind of way. The biggest of the bunch is from Arizona and goes  by "Trucker," the "Reindeer Bull," and the "Pig."  He grossed 435 6/8 and netted 420 2/8 Boone & Crockett.  By just the halfway point of 2013, that big fella and the rest of the tour will stop in ten different states and cover thousands of miles from Tennessee to Minnesota to Arizona to California.

Great Elk Tour at Devil's Tower, Wyoming
RMEF is also known for bulls of a completely different type.  Thanks to our association with the Professional Bull Riders, fans of the bucking bulls refer to RMEF for a different reason.  One of the more well-known bulls is RMEF-Gun Powder and Lead, owned by Jeff Robinson.  This hard bucking, saliva snorting beast is simply one of the best animals on the PBR Tour.  He placed third at 2011 World Finals, was the 2011 high money bull, and had the highest marked ride of 2011 at 93.5.  That's a whole lot of bull with lot of attitude!
RMEF - Gun Powder and Lead
Back to elk and during hunting season we hear from RMEF members around the country who are skillful and even, at times, lucky enough to fill the beds of their pickups, and eventually their freezers, with bulls harvested anywhere from the Pacific Northwest to the Desert Southwest to Wyoming, Kentucky and Pennsylvania.

Speaking of Pennsylvania, that brings us to what some call what may be the eighth largest nontypical bull elk ever.  Bill Zee shot it in the backwoods of north-central part of the state.  It scored 442 6/8 and has quite the story to go along with it.  You can read all about it in Outdoor Life.

Bill Zee (on the right/photo courtesy Outdoor Life) 

Congrats Bill and, by the way, thanks for giving some props to RMEF.  We appreciate it and sure hope you have a room large enough to show off that bull of a lifetime!

Taxidermist AJ Lynch (Outdoor Life)


  1. couldn't just take a picture and leave it at that , had to go and shoot that animal...hope it was to feed your family and not your ego

    1. Seriously? You're on a website of and organization founded by hunters seeking to preserve habitat and our hunting heritage. To that end you may want to consider the successes of preserving over 6 million acres and the successful reintroduction of elk across their native lands that this organization has accomplished.

    2. I agree Jryoung, whats wrong with people? This is what the RMEF is for. And to Ms. somebody up there ......the absolute easiest elk to harvest is a baby, or a spike bull. This kind of big boy takes skill and patience and alot of hard work. so your ego comment well lets just say its RUUDE! and not valid.

    3. Lady get off it, of course it was also to be eaten, how do you think all the elk and deer have done so well in the past 50 or so years, thur hunters of course. Have you ever heard of the Elk Foundation? Use your head for something besides hang your hat on it. There are now over 10,000 elk living in southeastern Kentucky all do to the Hunters.

  2. @Somebody
    You're entitled to your opinion--that's fine. You are making a pretty bold assumption about this man who you don't even know. What you should know, if you don't already, is that wasting meat is against the law. Nobody feels stronger about that than hunters. And elk hunters know that elk meat is not only extremely lean and healthy, but it is savory and flavorful.

  3. @ Somebody

    Looks like your a blogger and you're certainly entitled to your opinion, but I would recommend reaching out and maybe seek an opportunity to understand our community of hunters, fisherman and outdoorsmen. Learn who we are and what we are about. I believe you'll find a group of brothers and sisters with the highest degree of ethics, values and morals. Maybe seek the opportunity to come outdoors with some of us and see what it's all about! Then come back and feel free to write about your experience, whether positive or negative. At least that way you can say you truly experienced what you're writing about.

    1. Very well put! Fully agree!

    2. I agree also. This lady is a "save the horses" blogger who probably just happened by and had to say something.