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Friday, March 1, 2013

RMEF “Girls” Just Wanna Have Fun

I think Cyndi Lauper hit the nail on the head in her 1983 mega-hit “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.” And the women of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation fall right into line with Lauper’s words of wisdom. You want evidence? Take the opening day auction schedule at Elk Camp, RMEF’s national convention at the Las Vegas Convention Center. 

Let’s start with the Hunters Lunch and Auction. The Hunters Auction is open to men and women but men dominate the scene. An estimated 500-strong fill the auction hall with their western-style shirts and cowboys hats where the atmosphere is rather tame. The Hunters Auction goes as planned as item after item is displayed, auctioned, and purchased. There may be a victorious thumbs up or slight fist pump gesture, but that’s about the extent of it. Generally speaking, it’s a regimented, business-as-usual kind of event. 
On the other hand, you’ve got the sold out Ladies Auction where men are NOT invited!

The women of RMEF are a colorful, spirited, vocal bunch. Many of them show up dressed for the occasion in a tribute of sorts to special guest Flint Rasmussen, the most famous rodeo clown or rodeo barrelman in the sport of bull riding. The music blares. They dance. They visit. They laugh. They enjoy.

Like their male counterparts, they open their checkbooks. And when they win, there’s little doubt from any of the 300-strong who is heading home with their purchased prize.

And that brings us full circle back to Cyndi Lauper… 

“When the working day is done,
Oh girls. They wanna have fun.
Oh girls. Just wanna have fun!”

Thanks RMEF ladies for your support, your enthusiasm, and your passion!

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