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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Young Paul Stands Tall at World Elk Calling Championships

You don’t have to be high in stature to stand tall among your peers. Take Paul Griffiths for example. The kindergartener from tiny Kila, Montana, is among the best elk callers in the world. 

Competing at the recent 2013 RMEF World Elk Calling Championships in Las Vegas, Paul stood shoulder-to-shoulder, figuratively anyway, as he competed as the shortest and youngest member in the voice division. In that competition, contestants could only use their voice to make elk sounds, although they could use grunt tubes to project calls. Paul’s “grunt tube” was a neon green, kid’s plastic baseball bat. 

Just so you know how the competition works, the contestants are called to the stage by their numbers so the judges, hidden backstage behind a thick curtain, cannot see who is performing. Each caller is asked to produce cow and calf sounds and bull elk sounds within 15 seconds from the time the announcer asks. A buzzer eventually sounds to signify the end of the time limit. 

How did things turn out for the youngster? Let’s leave the exciting details to Paul’s father, Chris. 

“I just wanted to drop a line letting you all know how much fun my son and I had at the world finals elk calling contest. My son, Paul, competed in the natural voice competition and also played the part of Spiderman for the team finals. Paul placed 3rd in the natural voice division and when he realized that he would be getting an actual trophy he was beside himself. While in Vegas he proudly displayed his trophy and showed it to anyone who would give him the time. He was a celebrity at the airport as many folks on our flight recognized him from the contest. The following Monday he brought in his trophy to show his buddies in his kindergarten class. The memories made at this Elk Camp will be cherished forever and will be close to ones that will be made at the real elk camps. Good times. Thank You. Chris Griffiths.” 

So here’s to Paul Griffiths, the elk calling pride of northwest Montana and a youngster who stands head and shoulders above so many of us. Congrats Paul! Here's looking up to you kid!

William Card, Paul Griffiths & Russell Nemetchek (front row, L to R)
Trent Penrod & Lindsay Ross (back)
Voice Division:
1. William Card, Fallon, Nev.
2. Russell Nemetchek, Saskatoon, Sask.
3. Paul Griffiths, Kila, Mont.
4. Trent Penrod, Lakeside, Ariz.
5. Lindsay Ross, Clayton, Okla.

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