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Friday, May 10, 2013

For the Love of Elk…on Permanent Display

Dave, in memory of his best friend
Tattoo, tattoo.
So auto-bio-graphic.
Here’s a little secret to make you think:
Why is the crazy stuff we never say, poetry in ink?

--"Tattoo," Van Halen,  (January 10, 2012)

Poetry in ink. Sure, it’s a lyric in a song by a classic rock group. It’s also a more popular way than ever for some to show off their flamboyant style. In fact, it seems the days of the old greenish “I Love Mom” and Navy anchor tattoos are long gone in favor of a "new" wave of body art. New colorful designs seem to be popping up every day in many cities and towns, and in many locations on the human body. You could say this form of body modification, and the love of it, is much more than just skin deep.


The same goes for elk lovers—some of the most passionate folks you’ll find anywhere. We recently passed along the tale of a man from Idaho, Mark Barnard, who professed his love of elk and the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation with a permanent statement on his right bicep. An even more recent post of an elk tattoo on the RMEF Facebook page prompted an almost immediate deluge of all kinds of elk tattoos in all kinds of places. 
Greg, Nick, Austin, Joe, Ian, Shaun, Elka (from upper left and rotating clockwise)

Of course, tattoos are anything but new. They have been around for centuries—from the Eurasians in the Neolithic times to ancient Egypt’s high society to tribes in the South Pacific and eventually to North America. Whether carbon, dyes, or war-inspired ink-like designs, the tattoo survived through time. 

The tattoo may still be taboo for some, but it lives on, even if demonstrating a nice 6x6.

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