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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

RMEF Life Member Seeks Reality TV “Trophy”

Justin & his New Mexico bull
Justin Jackson knows all about tracking, stalking, spotting and taking big game. An avid elk hunter from Oklahoma and Life Member of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation (link), he’s now ready to tackle a different type of “big game.” Jackson is a contestant on USA Network’s new reality TV show Summer Camp.

Jackson’s USA bio states his “favorite sound is the call of elk in the morning. An outdoorsman from an early age, hunter extraordinaire Justin has bagged and tagged everything from wild turkeys to bears. This lifetime member of the NRA will take anyone to task for stepping on his right to bear arms or kill his own dinner. At 41, he may be the oldest in the competition, but Justin has his sights set on winning and he never misses his target.” (See his video bio here.)

Justin Jackson
The eight-episode series has been in the works for seven years and begins on Thursday, June 11. It is dubbed as a competition involving 16 campers –eight women and eight men—who camp in close proximity. They compete in challenges based on classic camping games. When asked about it, the host said “It’s not another Survivor. It’s not another Amazing Race. It’s not another Biggest Loser.” Filmed at Big Bear, Calif., the remaining campers will square off with the winning team splitting $250,000. Production wrapped up in early June.

So can an elk hunter, often seen sporting his Team Elk pack on Summer Camp, bag the big prize? We’ll see.

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