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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Wyoming: Short on Population, BIG on Accomplishment!

HF Bar Ranch conservation easements pushed Wyoming
over the one million mark 
In December 2012, Wyoming was fortunate to surpass one million acres protected and enhanced. This incredible accomplishment is due to the passion of Team Wyoming. Volunteers from across the Cowboy State have figured out how to pull together as one in our fundraising efforts.

Anyone who attends Volunteer Fun Night at Elk Camp is familiar with the energy and enthusiasm of Team Wyoming. We bring that same level of dedication to each fundraising event across the state. 

While Wyoming volunteers are exceptional at watching the bottom line and continually following the numbers, our success is mostly a result of our teamwork. The entire state comes together to celebrate the success of each individual chapter. Many volunteers will travel up to seven hours to help another chapter have a successful event. It’s not uncommon for over 20 volunteers to show up at another chapter’s banquet. This teamwork allows for volunteers to continually learn, share and improve upon ideas. 

Here's to Trudi!
Las Vegas (March 2013)
Our team also unites any time one of our own is in need. At this year’s Elk Camp in Las Vegas you may have noticed Team Wyoming’s pink T-Shirts. The shirts were donated by volunteers and then sold to the team and anyone in Wyoming. All proceeds were donated to one of our chapter chairs who is currently fighting breast cancer. 

Wyoming’s State Leadership Team has become the nucleus of Team Wyoming. Our team strives to achieve our state goals while keeping the “fun” in fundraising. Many team members and their families have developed strong friendships that extend into hunting season and beyond. 

Although Wyoming has the lowest population in the U.S., Team Wyoming has been able to lead the nation in fundraising two years in a row and came in second for the preceding six years. This success is directly responsible for the dollars we are able to put back onto the ground. The Wyoming Project Advisory Committee is diligent in carefully allocating the dollars that Team Wyoming has worked so hard to raise. This combination of successful fundraising and thoughtful allocation led Wyoming to exceed the 1 million-acre mark in 2012. 

And that’s what it’s all about—putting the dollars to work on the ground for elk and other wildlife. 

Thanks, Team Wyoming, for all you do!

-- Tom Kaness, Wyoming State Chair

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