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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Gadgets, Gizmos, Goodies and Guns Galore

No doubt about it, walking the 12.5 miles of aisles that cover the equivalent of 11 football fields of floor space at SHOT Show can be a little overwhelming. Okay, a lot overwhelming! Chances are most of you haven’t attended SHOT Show since it is solely for professionals in the outdoor industry and the 2,500 media members trying to get the scoop on the latest, greatest hunting or other outdoor-related product. To put it in perspective, imagine hitting Walmart on Black Friday with more than 60,000 other people. Yeah, it’s kind of a controlled madhouse of sorts.

RMEF President/CEO David Allen
speaks at seminar
For the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, it’s a unique opportunity to maintain and strengthen current relationships with sponsors and partners while also seeking to expand our visibility, influence, and form ties with new RMEF backers. That is why the 13 RMEF staffers who made the trip take part in more than 75 face-to-face, practically non-stop meetings over four straight days. Yep, 96 hours of glad-handing meets-and-greets. There are also numerous workshops, news conferences, forums, awards shows, industry gatherings, and working breakfasts, luncheons and dinners sprinkled throughout the schedule.

Back to the exhibit floor where there is no possible way to adequately describe what the more than 6,100 exhibitors want attendees from all 50 states and more than 100 different countries to see. Sure, the photos interspersed throughout this blog post offer somewhat of an idea but it comes down to the old clich√©, “Seeing is believing.” Or maybe we should say, “Believe it or not!” 

From a camo Camaro to a 6x6 hunter-orange-elk-antlered chopper to a combination ATV/generator/lawn mower, there are gadgets, gizmos and outdoor goodies galore. And don’t forget about the guns—racks and racks of them—handguns, big game rifles, shotguns, airsoft guns. You name it, it’s here! And then there are boots, apparel, knives, bows, arrows, and anything and everything you’d expect to find on a hunter, hiker or outdoor lover. Everybody, including our friends at Outdoor Channel, has their own take on the newest and wildest products out there. 

If you are into outdoor television shows, the gang’s all here too. That is, everyone from Brandon BatesLee and Tiffany, and Kristy Titus of RMEF Team Elk to Ted Nugent, Randy Newberg, Jim Zumbo, Joe Mantegna and scores of others. In fact, there are so many TV personalities walking the floor that they too are bumping into each other.

SHOT Show truly is sensory overload, but who’s complaining? Not us.

Strangest "critter" seen at SHOT Show

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