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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

New RMEF Member, Racer Shows his True Colors

Casey Delp loves to go fast! The faster, the better. But it’s not just the speed and raw horsepower that catches your eye. It’s his pink camo paint scheme with a large Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation logo emblazoned on both sides of his race car that really grab your attention.

“It feels good having that logo on the side of my car because I know what it’s about, you know. It’s about conservation,” said Delp. “It just makes me happy to be a part of it.”

And Casey walks the walk, too. He recently signed up to become an RMEF member at the big game banquet hosted by his hometown Sweetwater Chapter in Rock Springs, Wyoming.

What’s somewhat ironic is Casey did not grow up a hunter or a racer. As a teenager, he was a bull rider but suffered a broken leg when a bull stepped on him. A steel plate and nine screws in his shin closed the door on any rodeo aspirations but opened the door to a life in the fast lane. He promptly got together with a couple of buddies to build his first car –broken leg and all– and then won his first race. 

That checkered flag was the first step to winning four straight track championships. It also helped paved the way to his current partnership with RMEF. During a recent visit to the four-day party in Grand Junction, Colorado, popularly known as Country Jam USA, he stopped to talk elk and racing with the RMEF. One handshake later and Casey had a new partner.

Casey's first bull
Delp started hunting about a decade ago. He shot his first bull, a nice one, in 2012. He would like to go on a week-long elk hunt in 2014 but the demands of his job as a pipeline welder and his responsibilities as a husband and father to a two-year-old daughter also come into play. 

And then there’s that whole racing obsession. As a member of the International Motor Contest Association Wild West Modified Tour, his racing team visits Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Nebraska, Idaho and Nevada. He would also like to hit Arizona and possibly Montana. And that takes us back to the paint scheme—an outward display of an internal drive of the love and deep feelings he holds for his family.

“I lost my grandma five years ago to cancer and my family has a long history to cancer and we’ve lost quite a few family members from it. When I lost my grandma I told myself from here on out I’m going to dedicate my racing and everything to cancer,” said Delp. “That’s how I got my pink scheme and I got hooked up with guys who do wraps in Rock Springs. It’s amazing. It’s good looking stuff. They put pink camo in there with everything. I love hunting and love racing and have pink in there for the cancer issue.”

And with that dedication and determination, Delp will hit the track with a goal of taking yet another checkered flag.

“I’m real thankful for RMEF to be a part of our D& F Racing Team,” said Delp.

One glance at his sweet ride offers plenty evidence of that.

Go here to become a member of the RMEF.

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