Ensuring the future of elk, other wildlife, their habitat and our hunting heritage.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

'Moved' to Make a Difference

We recently received the letter below from a couple in Texas.

Dear Mr. Allen and all of the RMEF staff,

We sat down tonight to write you a check for $500. Then I read the story "A Green Light for Red Hill" in the Jan/Feb 2014 of Bugle magazine. I have been a member of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation for three or four years or so. We are not elk hunters, deer hunters nor any other kind of recent hunter, but the stories in Bugle show us time and again the character and integrity of your organization and the principled people who love the hunt that are featured in your magazine. (Not to mention that your well-written magazine is a FUN read.)

My wife and I first visited Montana, Missoula specifically in 1992, and immediately fell in love. We were blessed to consult at the Stone, later Smurfit-Stone mill, for about ten years. In that time we made some fast friends in Montana, visited your headquarters (both the old and the new facilities), bought a few Bugle issues off of the newsstand, and eventually joined RMEF because we support a few organizations that support preserving both our precious land and its beautiful creatures. Reading every issue of Bugle since joining has given me a good feeling about your organization and its principles. Thank you for those principles and for what you do for all of us who love our wild lands. 

Red Hill Project/Lewis & Clark National Forest
While we are not hunters, we fiercely love the backcountry areas in Montana and in other (especially western) states where we've visited. Even though your emphasis is understandably on preserving elk lands, your work, as stated in the Red Hill article, "Bertelotti points out that it's not just hunters who have reason to celebrate. He thinks Red Hill will also be a popular launch for birdwatchers, campers (us), hikers (us), horse packers (love that) and backcountry skiers…" 

Efforts by you and RMEF members help to save our wonderful, scenic, wild lands for us all. What a magnificent idea it was to buy a little 40-acre tract that opened up a permanent access to an 18,000 acre piece of public lands. BRAVO! Thank you and other dedicated RMEF members like Col. Kepler for your hard work (and to the Longs and people like them for their cooperation) and a job WELL DONE!

Cheers and God Bless,

Dean & Kathe Miller
Kilgore, Texas

By way of information, the Millers are now RMEF Life Members. You can donate to or join the RMEF in its mission to ensure the future of elk, other wildlife, their habitat and our hunting heritage.

Nearby elk herd spotted shortly after the Red Hill dedication ceremony

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