Ensuring the future of elk, other wildlife, their habitat and our hunting heritage.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

RMEF Gives Wyoming Hunters 189,000 Reasons to be Grateful

Jackson Hole, Wyoming -- Courtesy Nikita Ward
The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation recently donated $45,000 to the Wyoming Game and Fish Department’s AccessYes program. It is the largest single donation to a program specifically designed to improve and expand hunter access in Wyoming. 

“RMEF is an outstanding partner and supports a variety of wildlife related projects in Wyoming. A dollar does not go very far these days, but it will open more than four acres of land to hunting and fishing access. Sportsmen will see many acres become available to them with this amazing RMEF donation,” says Scott Talbott, director of Game and Fish. 

More specifically, one dollar provides access to 4.2 acres of land. So if you do the math, that $45,000 means an additional 189,000 acres of public access for hunters in Wyoming. 

“We are grateful for RMEF support and thank them for this generous donation,” says Matt Withroder, regional access coordinator.

During the check presentation, those folks attending the meeting rose as one for a standing ovation. Talbot asked if he could keep the check to put on his wall. He also thanked RMEF for its support over the years for Wyoming’s wildlife and mentioned the grant money donated for studying the interaction between wolves and elk so the state can better manage its wolf population. Talbot also referred to Wyoming RMEF as “rock stars.” 

In 2013, RMEF chapters in Wyoming raised $1,525,844 ranking the Cowboy State the number-one fundraising state for RMEF in the United States. The donation comes in the form of a grant from the Wyoming Project Advisory Committee which generates its revenue from RMEF volunteers dedicated to raising funds through banquets, membership drives and other events.

RMEF’s mission is to ensure the future of elk, other wildlife, their habitat and our hunting heritage. Finding ways to open, improve and secure public access for hunters and others remains a key part of that mission.

Go here to learn more about the RMEF grant.

Go here to watch a TV report about the grant. 

RMEF Eastern Wyoming Regional Director Ryan Kaiser, WGFD Director Scott Talbot, WGFD
Commission President Richard Klouda, RMEF Wyoming Senior Regional Director Jill
Tonn and RMEF Lands Program Manager Leah Burgess (left to right) 


  1. keep up the good work guys and gals and hope to join you someday.

  2. ??? Why are you guys donating money to allow public hunting of the elk? It just doesn't make sense if you are trying to preserve them...

  3. Lightlink2,

    There is one activity in America that drives the fundraising mechanism that conserves wildlife and their habitat...and that's hunting. Here are a couple of links that better explain: