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Monday, August 25, 2014

Call to Action: California Considers Anti-Sportsmen Legislation

(Note: the bill died on the Assembly floor after falling shy of the 41 votes needed to pass on three different occasions.)

RMEF Members,

California lawmakers are scheduled to vote at any time on a bill, undergoing multiple amendments as we speak, that would establish a new government-run permit system to regulate the purchase and sale of ammunition. 

As originally written, SB 53 required anyone, including hunters and target shooters, seeking to get ammunition to undergo a background check and obtain approval from the state of California. A subsequent amendment since exempted validly licensed hunters however it remains a bad bill on many fronts. It would create a state-run database of individuals approved to purchase ammo and authorize the California Department of Justice to create an ammunition purchase permit program requiring law abiding citizens to register and pay a fee every two years for acquiring shotgun shells or rifle ammo. It would also harm small businesses and limit consumer choice by banning mail-order and Internet ammunition transactions in California. 

Land and wildlife conservation could also suffer consequences by making it more difficult and expensive for California sportsmen and women to enjoy hunting and recreational shooting, thereby representing a direct threat to the American System of Conservation Funding which uses revenue generated from taxes on ammunition to support state wildlife conservation agencies. 

To voice your opposition to SB 53, contact your representatives in Sacramento by clicking HERE

Thank you for your needed attention. 

David Allen 
RMEF President/CEO

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