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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Call to Action: Protect Hunting and Conservation in Michigan

(Note: The Michigan Senate voted 28-10 in favor on Wednesday afternoon. The House could take up the issue on August 27.)

RMEF Members:

Michigan lawmakers are scheduled to vote on the Scientific Fish & Wildlife Conservation Act today (Wednesday 8/13) to retain the state’s power to allow wolf hunts. If passed, the new law would override two referendums on the November ballot backed by anti-hunting groups that would overturn the hunt. 

The Act ensures that decisions affecting the taking of fish and game are made using principles of sound scientific fish and wildlife management. It provides for free hunting, fishing and trapping licenses for active members of the military. It also provides appropriations for fisheries management activities within Michigan necessary for rapid response, prevention, control and/or elimination of aquatic invasive species, including Asian carp.

The Humane Society of the United States reportedly spent nearly $1.1 million in efforts seeking to ban science-based wolf hunting as a management tool. 

Call your state Senator to urge them to vote in favor of this Act. Go HERE to find your Senator.

RMEF previously worked closely with various hunter-conservationist partners in Michigan via the Citizens for Professional Wildlife Management to obtain more than 374,000 signatures in support of conservation, management and hunting. 

Thank you for supporting this worthy effort.

David Allen
RMEF President/CEO

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