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Monday, August 25, 2014

Got Great Recipes? Reality TV Wants YOU!

Pulled elk sandwich
Smoky elk mac & cheese
 It’s no secret that Americans love good food. It’s also no secret that outdoorsmen and women are some of the best cooks anywhere. Surfing the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation website offers many examples of that. After all, RMEF’s Carnivore’s Kitchen currently features such delectable dishes as pulled elk sandwiches, smoky elk macaroni and cheese, elk burgers with roasted jalapeno jelly and even pickled elk tongue tacos. The list currently features nearly three dozen mouth-watering big game recipes. It even offers a Wild Game 101 breakdown of various cuts of big game, where to find them and how to prepare them.

Maybe that, in part, is why the supervising casting producer of the Fox TV hit show MasterChef recently reached out to the RMEF. In her words, “We are looking for amateur home cooks, foodies, hunters, fresh personalities and people who are passionate about food. We really want to spread the word to pre-register on our website www.masterchefcasting.com.” 

Elk burger & roasted
jalapeno jelly
Pickled elk tongue tacos
So we thought we would pass along this note to our 203,000 RMEF member friends. The deadline to submit completed applications and video submissions is October 25, 2014, but the sooner you enter the better. 

Happy hunting in the field this fall and good luck to any and all seeking to become the next MasterChef. And remember, elk does a body good!

(By the way, if you do enter and win, make sure to send a couple of your winning recipes our way.)

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