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Friday, August 22, 2014

The RMEF Is Our Life

From an onlooker’s perspective, it looked like any other gathering on the banks of the Kootenai River in Libby, Montana. However, it was much more than that. Approximately 50 members, volunteers and a few staffers of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation sat down to dinner in the Fred Brown Pavilion in Libby, Montana. From as far away as New York to as close as just down the street, they gathered on a beautiful July evening as part of the RMEF Montana Founders Tour.

After dinner, the group pulled their chairs together near the pavilion’s center pillar. They were asked if they could share their thoughts answering two simple questions: “What drew you to the RMEF?” and “What does the RMEF mean to you?” Many of their heartfelt answers are listed below.

“We love what the Elk Foundation stands for—the people, the passion, the mission.”

“I am not a hunter but wildlife has always been important to me. We have an obligation to conserve what we have.”

“I’m impressed with Bob (Munson), Charlie (Decker), the staff and what has been accomplished.”

“I loved the pictures in that first Bugle magazine. One thing led to another and then I organized a chapter in Colorado.”

“I’d never seen a non-profit that gave 90 percent of its fundraising to its mission.”

“I’m really interested in conserving and getting in the game for our younger people. We need to focus on tomorrow and where we go from here. I do what I do because of my grandkids.”

“There’s nothing better than sitting on top of that mountain and hearing an elk bugle.”

“I appreciate so much what this organization has done to protect the land and protect the elk.”

“Years ago, there was a Bugle magazine and I picked it up. I thought ‘Man, where did these people come from? Why haven’t I heard about them before?’”

“I took a picture of that first elk that hit the ground in Tennessee (after being transplanted from Canada) and framed it and called it ‘One giant step for elk-kind,’ and then auctioned it off to raise funds for RMEF.”

“I got the vision that God’s not making any more land. We’ve got great grandchildren and I want them to see this land.”

“Our family hunts. Our kids hunt. We have seven life members in our family.”

“You’ve opened your arms to us and we truly appreciate it.”

“Access is big to me. Habitat is big to me. Hunting heritage is big to me. I am 100 percent committed.”

“We’re both accountants so 90 percent to the bottom line is HUGE to us.”

“We really want to thank Bob and Charlie for starting this—really—so thank you!”

“We went to 30 different chapter banquets one year. You walk in not knowing a soul and you walk out with more friends than you’ve ever had.”

“It’s awesome. Really it is. I appreciate the opportunity. I’m grateful and I’m happy.”

“I saw the good work this organization does and I got hooked for life.”

“Everyone we have met…the spirit has permeated our lives!”

“What we see ourselves doing in the future is becoming more active…joining the Habitat Council.”

“Along with the RMEF, the habitat and everything else together…it becomes a whole.”

“We just love the spirit that’s within this organization.”

“It’s friendship. It’s love. It’s family. It’s a blessing.”

“In my opinion it’s by far the greatest conservation organization in the world. I just see it going forward from here. My kids are fully invested and are all life members.”

“There’s a culture in this organization and it comes from God, country, family. It’s save what we’ve got.”

“We fell in love with what you people fell in love with—it’s the culture of this organization.”

“The foundation is our life.”

For more information about joining the RMEF, go here.

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