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Friday, September 19, 2014

Wyoming’s Women for WildLife are “Mad” About Elk

Members of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation know all too well that when you get a group of women together –with NO MEN ALLOWED other than the ring crew– some pretty crazy things can happen. (Just attend any Ladies Luncheon and Auction at Elk Camp and you know what we mean.)

Check out the recent sights in Rock Springs, Wyoming, where about 140 people, mostly from Rock Springs but from across the state and as far away as Texas, gathered for what they called the Women for WildLife Gala. The theme was Alice in Wonderland/The Mad Hatter. As you can see, the women and girls more than looked the part.

Activities included both live and silent auctions that raised thousands of dollars for elk and elk country. Highlights from the live auction included a Pro Bull Riders package that sold for $3,300, a mini schnauzer puppy that sold for $2,200 and a custom built log and antler dresser that went for $1,400. Raffles stuck to the theme thanks to pink shot glasses with lanyards, purse charms, mini drink-me bottles and other decorations. There was also a costume contest.

“The Women for WildLife event really rocked the house,” said Jill Tonn, RMEF senior regional director. “The ladies from the Sweetwater Chapter put a lot of time into creating the décor and raffle trinkets. The ring crew was decked out in red union suits, cowboy hats and boots, and made sure the attendees had fun.”

The (ruggedly male) Ring Crew
Organizers turned to social media to publicize the inaugural event. They delivered some invitations and put up about 20 posters, but they created two Facebook pages to spread the word. It sold out just two days later and 12 of the 15 tables sold as corporate tables. That was enough to put a smile on the faces of both the Queen of Hearts and the White Rabbit.

“The whole event was amazing! The gals began planning next year’s event the day after!” added Tonn.

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