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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Letter to RMEF Michigan Members about Election Day Referendums

Michigan RMEF Family,


Election Day is coming up on Tuesday, November 4. As always, going to the polls is an opportunity for each of us to cast a vote and have a say in the future of our government and our way of life.

As you know, there are two referendums on the statewide ballot that were enacted to support hunting rights and guarantee the scientific management of wildlife. The first asks whether to affirm the original law that named wolves as a game species while the second would affirm a law that allows the Natural Resources Commission to name game species, issue fisheries orders and provide free hunting and fishing licenses to active military members. 

Please consider a YES vote for these important issues.

It’s true that the legislature already passed an act that protects Michigan’s hunting rights and the DNR’s ability to determine games species and fisheries orders but a YES vote will send a clear message that anti-hunting groups like the Humane Society of the United States cannot buy or influence the intent of Michiganders.

Thank you for your support.

M. David Allen
RMEF President/CEO

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