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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

RMEF Grant Opens Access to 189,000 acres of Wyoming Elk Country

Below is a 4/7/2014 news release from Wyoming Game and Fish Department.

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Donates to Game and Fish AccessYes Program

CASPER - The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation (RMEF) recently donated $45,000 to the Wyoming Game and Fish AccessYes program to secure access for hunting and fishing across Wyoming, through the Private Lands Public Wildlife (PLPW) Access Program. This is the largest single donation to AccessYes.

“RMEF is an outstanding partner and supports a variety of wildlife related projects in Wyoming. A dollar does not go very far these days, but it will open more than 4 acres of land to hunting and fishing access. Sportsmen will see many acres become available to them with this amazing RMEF donation,” says Scott Talbott, director of Game and Fish.

In Wyoming, RMEF Chapters raised $1,524,844 in 2013 alone, landing them number one in the nation for raisingfunds. The organization is dedicated to ensuring the future of elk, other wildlife, their habitat and the hunting heritage. “RMEF has worked with Game and Fish on numerous projects involving everything from conservation easements to brucellosis and wolf management,” says Talbott.

“We are grateful for RMEF support and thank them for this generous donation,” says Matt Withroder, regional access coordinator.

Funding for AccessYes comes from several sources, primarily conservation stamp sales, donations and restitutionpayments. Hunters and anglers also have the option of donating to the program when they purchase or apply for a license. Sportsmen donations can only be used for purchasing easements for Hunter Management Areas and Walk-in Areas.

AccessYes donations go directly to the access program and every $1 donated provides access to 4.2 acres of land.

In 2013, the PLPW Access Program provided more than 2.8 million acres of access for hunters and anglers. Thisincludes 1,090,708 acres on Hunter Management Areas, 687,517 acres in Walk-In Hunting areas.

For more information, visit the Game and Fish web page at wgfd.wyo.gov under the PLPW Access Program or contact the Casper Game and Fish office at (307) 473-3400.

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