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Thursday, January 8, 2015

A Hunter's Friend or Foe?

We received the poem below from Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Life Member Tom Diesing after posting a video (see bottom of this post) on the RMEF Facebook page. Adrian Cde Baca, who took the video during a deer hunt in New Mexico, talked about watching the elk get closer and closer until the wind "busted them."

Here is Tom's note:
"I just saw that video you posted on Facebook of the herd of elk winding the deer hunters. This year during my muzzleloader hunt, a friend of mine took this picture below and it inspired me to write a poem. I thought I would share it."

A Hunter's Friend or Foe

This friend he is with you wherever you go,
He is fickle at times like the unforeseen snow.
A thermal, a gust, a swirl or a breeze,
He will cover your tracks when your feet hit the leaves.
You think he’s your friend in the heat of the chase,
Then in a moment he’s gone from your face.
The fear comes at once he’s betrayed you again,
And you feel his harsh breath on the back of your skin.
Your quarry’s aware of the danger that’s near,
Thanks to his friend he has nothing to fear.
His friend was there when he needed him most,
But he’s a double-edge sword a nasty old ghost.
A foe or a friend you never will know,
On any given day which way he will blow.

Tom Diesing
Courtesy Tom Diesing

Courtesy Adrian Cde Baca


  1. Truer words never spoken! Great poem by my close friend.

  2. Truer words never spoken! Great poem by my close friend.