Ensuring the future of elk, other wildlife, their habitat and our hunting heritage.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Buzzed to Benefit Elk Country

Cinfio (left) and Bob Munson
Ralph Cinfio knew something was up. The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation’s vice president of Fundraising Services recently visited St. Cloud, Minnesota, for the 25th big game banquet anniversary of the Northern Lights Royal Chapter. RMEF co-founders Bob Munson and Charlie Decker were also on hand and that, in itself, spelled “trouble” for Cinfio.

You see, it was some 12 years earlier in the same town at the same banquet that Cinfio walked away with a freshly shaven head. The loss of his hair was the RMEF’s gain to the tune of $4,443.

“I was pretty nervous about it back then because I was part of a wedding scheduled to take place just two months later,” Cinfio recalled. “It turned out to be just fine though because it involved a lot of military personnel and I fit right in with the new hair style.”

Decker shows his barber "skills"
Fast forward to 2015 and Ralph’s return to St. Cloud where a déjà vu kind of challenge murmured its way through the crowd. Before he knew it, he found himself up on stage in front of everyone with two more-than-eager RMEF co-founders hovering over him with shaving shears in hand. Munson and Decker got the “green light” after banquet attendees ponied up $3,700 for them to do the deed. 

"Bob was like a kid in a candy store and Charlie said ‘Hey, save me some hair!’ He then gave me a nice, tidy reverse mohawk,” said Cinfio.

Thanks Ralph for literally putting your head (and your hair) on the line—all to help ensure the future of elk, other wildlife, their habitat and our hunting heritage.

Go here to find an RMEF banquet near you.

Cinfio, holding a photo of his Northern Lights Royal Chapter haircut from 12 years earlier,
gets a comforting kiss from wife Jodie

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