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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Rodeo Princess, Young RMEF Member Pays It Forward

Lexi Daugherty
(Teton County Fair and Royalty
Facebook page)
Ask 15-year old Alexa (Lexi) Daugherty of Game Creek, Wyoming, to define ‘magic,’ and you may be surprised by her answer. She will tell you it is the look on a tourist’s face the first time they attend a rodeo or pose for a picture with her and her horse,Trouble, along a parade route.

Lexi will also tell you it’s the abundant wildlife and incredible scenery that draw millions of people to Teton County every year, and that those people leave with vivid memories that last a lifetime. She understands Western traditions and natural landscapes make Teton County a great place to visit and a special place to live.

She also does her part to ensure their future through her volunteerism as a rodeo princess and her advocacy for land conservation. Lexi knows conserving and enhancing habitat is an important part of the ‘magic’ equation that benefits residents and visitors alike. 

In January 2015, Lexi won an award for volunteer service from the community organization Soroptimist of Jackson Hole. It required that she ‘pay it forward’ and donate one half of the $1,000 in winnings to a non-profit of her choice. Lexi chose the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation

Lexi (left) presents $500 to RMEF Lands Program Manager Leah Burgess
“I looked for an organization whose goals will help protect the magic for our visitors and our residents,” Lexi wrote in her Soroptimist essay. “Wildlife and scenic vistas are the primary reasons people visiting this community give for why they think this place is special. [RMEF] protects wildlife and their habitat which protects the magic that we and all of our visitors value so much.”

If you have not guessed by now, Lexi is a member of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, as are other members of her family.

“Lexi is an avid horsewoman, hunter, and community member who embodies what it means to be an engaged young citizen of the West,” said Leah Burgess, RMEF lands program manager for Wyoming. “It is impressive at such a young age that she is actively promoting the western lifestyle through rodeo, hunting and conservation, and she is making a difference in her local and international communities by sharing her passion with others. We are truly honored to be the recipient of Lexi’s donation.”

“I learned in my Hunters Safety class that habitat loss and fragmentation are the greatest threat to our wildlife today. My hope is that by supporting the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, they will help us conserve this special place so that future generations can experience the magic I feel.”

Leah Burgess
RMEF Lands Program Manager (Wyo.)

Lexi (second from the right), her father, and Wyoming Game and Fish staff tour a property
Lexi hunts in Teton County


  1. Lexi: We are very proud of your accomplishments and your commitments. WE are thankful to have you as a member of this community and our friend!

  2. Love someone who "lives the life" and understand the importance of sportspeople everywhere!!!