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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Call to Action: Push for Forestry Reform in Congress

RMEF Members,

Urge your Congressional representatives to support the Resilient Federal Forests Act of 2015! 

As you know, the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation is a strong advocate for increased management of our forests not only to improve habitat for elk and other wildlife but overall forest health. Members of the Natural Resources Committee in the House of Representatives are scheduled to vote on a bill Thursday, June 11, that will give the U.S. Forest Service the tools to do just that. 

H.R. 2647 contains many valuable ideas for forest management, including direct input from RMEF. Here are a few highlighted provisions that would benefit sportsmen and habitat: 

  • Encourages and speeds Forest Service backlogs for wildlife habitat improvement for elk, deer, wild turkey, ruffed grouse and other “early seral” species 
  • Authorizes a categorical exclusion to improve, enhance, or create early successional forests for wildlife habitat improvement. 
  • Authorizes a categorical exclusion for insect and disease, to reduce hazardous fuel loads, protect municipal watersheds, improve or enhance critical habitat, to increase water yield, or any combination of the purposes listed above 
  • Seeks to reduce the incentives and threat of litigation, which has encumbered half of the Forest Service’s forest management projects and has largely been filed by groups who have not been willing to participate in the collaborative process 
  • State wildlife managers should be given a more formal role in efforts to restore habitat that achieves wildlife population goals 
The bottom line is this legislation is the start of a push for much-needed forestry reform. 

Again, we encourage sportsmen and women to reach out to your representatives by calling (202) 225-2761 to speak with staff for one of the members of the committee below, and urge them to vote YES on H.R. 2647 prior to Thursday’s vote. 


David Allen 
RMEF President and CEO

Natural Resources Committee members:

Rob Bishop, UT, Chair
Don Young, AK
Louie Gohmert, TX
Doug Lamborn, CO
Rob Wittman, VA
John Flemming, LA
Tom McClintock, CA
Glenn Thompson, PA
Cynthia Lummis, WY
Dan Benishek, MI
Jeff Duncan, SC
Paul Gosar, AZ
Raul Labrador, ID
Doug LaMalfa, CA
Jeff Denham, CA
Paul Cook, CA
Bruce Westerman, AR
Garret Graves, LA
Dan Newhouse, WA
Ryan Zinke, MT
Jody Hice, GA
Aumua Amata Coleman Radewagen, AS
Tom MacArthur, NJ
Alex Mooney, WV
Cresent Hardy, NV

Raul Grijalva, AZ, ranking member
Grace Napolitano, CA
Madeleine Bordallo, GU
Jim Costa, CA
Niki Tsongas, MA
Pedro Pierluisi, PR
Gregorio Kilili Camacho Sablan, MP
Jared Huffman, CA
Raul Ruiz, CA
Alan Lowenthal, CA
Matt Cartwright, PA
Don Beyer, VA
Norma Torres, CA
Debbie Dingell, MI
Mark Takai, HI
Ruben Gallego, AZ
Lois Capps, CA
Jared Polis, CO

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