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Thursday, August 6, 2015

RMEF Appears at National Governors Association

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation President and CEO David Allen recently appeared before a gathering of the National Governor Association in West Virginia where he emphasized the importance that hunting plays in funding land and wildlife conservation efforts.

“There are over 14 million hunters, 20 million target shooters and 19 million archery shooters in the U.S. today. Hunters alone spend over $21 billion annually. Hunters alone spend over $600 million on their hunting dogs each year,” said Allen. “Sportsmen provide in excess of $3 billion annually for state wildlife conservation funding.”

Allen accepted an invitation to speak before a joint session of the Economic Development and Commerce and Natural Resources Committees. He spoke about state strategies for outdoor recreation and the related economic development. Allen also stressed the need for funding state agencies which manage wildlife as well as the importance of active land management of the federal forest system. 

“It is critical that we continue to utilize the North American Model of Conservation and that we don’t fall prey to the ‘Lock it up and look at it’ preservationists model. Nature does not manage itself as long as man is here. Man has a significant stewardship responsibility.”

Go here to watch Allen’s 12-minute speech.

Founded in 1908, the National Governors Association is a bipartisan public policy organization made up of the nation’s governors from its 55 states, territories and commonwealths.

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