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Thursday, September 3, 2015

RMEF, Partners Team Up to Improve Montana Wildlife Habitat

Below is a news release issued by Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks regarding habitat enhancement work that took place in southwest Montana funded, in part, by the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                        SEPTEMBER 3, 2015
Contact: Andrea Jones, 406-994-6931


(Bozeman)—Recent habitat improvement work on Fleecer Mountain and Mount Haggin wildlife management areas (WMAs) in southwest Montana is improving vital winter range for deer and elk while also helping protect smaller wildlife species.

FWP actively manages for cover and habitat that is more productive for wildlife. In doing so, this non-commercial improvement project involves tree-cutting (done by hand) to help stop the encroachment of Douglas-fir trees into areas with more desirable cover types such as bitterbrush, sagebrush and aspen.

In total, 148 acres of critical mule deer and elk winter range in the Charcoal Gulch area of Fleecer WMA have been treated for Douglas-fir encroachment into aspen- and sagebrush stands. Meanwhile, 64 acres of mule deer and elk winter range in the German Gulch area of Mount Haggin WMA have been treated for Douglas-fir encroachment into bitterbrush stands.

Protecting the bitterbrush, sagebrush and aspen means better shelter and cover for smaller mammals and songbirds.

The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and the Treasure State Mule Deer Foundation partnered with FWP to help fund this work. FWP funds came from timber receipts from last year’s forestry project on Mount Haggin. Northwest Management, Inc. did the on-the-ground cutting work.

Charcoal Gulch pre-treatment

Charcoal Gulch post-treatment

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