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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Ready for Rain: Utah Volunteers Build New Guzzler for Wildlife

What makes a good Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation outing even better? Getting your hands a little dirty for a good cause, of course.

That’s exactly what happened at the 2015 Utah RMEF State Rendezvous. Some five dozen members and volunteers from six RMEF chapters gathered on an early summer weekend in central Utah to celebrate elk and elk country. The hands-on highlight came in the form of a team effort at Monroe Mountain on the Fishlake National Forest.

The Lone Pine Guzzler Project is an example of ingenuity and the power of elbow grease coupled with recycling. Volunteers of all ages used parts of a 20-plus year old water collection system that was in complete disrepair. They rebuilt the apron and fencing around the entire project area. They also installed a new tank, plumbing and watering tank. 

“This was an epic water catchment project that will have huge benefits for the Monroe Mountain elk herd. This is where the famous ‘Spider Bull,’ a world record bull elk at the time, was taken,” said Bill Christensen, RMEF regional director. “Around 60 Utah RMEF volunteers put in a complete guzzler at the Lone Pine Ridge. And they did it in record time.”

Sure enough. Work that began early on a Saturday morning was fully wrapped up by 4 p.m. the same day. 

Video via Kreig Rasmussen

The revamped and overhauled Lone Pine guzzler was now ready for rain. And just 10 days later, the hoped for is exactly what happened! A monsoon weather pattern passed over the arid region and rained down on the mountain, filling the guzzler with water.

Thanks RMEF volunteers!

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