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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

RMEF Grants Help Grandma Mildred’s 4-H Shooters

Eighty-year-old Mildred Spencer has a passion for hunting and shooting (see video below). Her grandchildren are among her biggest benefactors. But her zeal for the shooting sports expands far beyond her own bloodlines. Grandma Mildred is a matriarch of sorts for scores of young shooters who make up the 4-H Summit Shooting Sports in Summit County, Ohio.

“That’s all we do is shoot, one thing or the other. We shoot rifles, pistols, shotguns, muzzleloaders—you name it. Young people enjoy shooting. They enjoy learning about shooting. We found they need to know safety and that’s the biggest thing that we teach them,” said Spencer.

Spencer has several advisors that assist her. Together they focus on making the shooting experience safe, educational and enjoyable for all.

The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation remains a long-time supporter of hunting heritage programs for youth and adults across the nation. RMEF contributed more than $4,600 to the 4-H Summit Shooting Sports group over the last decade alone. That latest grant funding went toward a couple of different outings for the group including funds to purchase ammunition for a trip to the Ramrod Gun Club in Canal Fulton. Shooters learned about the early history and various types of muzzleloaders. The hands-on outing also provided skills and direction about reloading, caring for the gun, being aware of safety considerations and having fun.

RMEF also provided funds for air rifles, air revolvers and both camper and instructor training scholarships for a public community event in Akron where the 4-H Summit Shooters took on the role of mentor. 

“Our archery group was excited that we were requested for the second year to set up an archery range open to the public at the annual River Day celebration at Munroe Falls on May 30. Our more experienced club members along with a couple of advisors actually taught important safety rules to individuals of all ages as they attempted their first time at shooting an arrow. We had about 100 participants. It was a very exciting day!” added Spencer.

Kudos to Grandma Mildred and her 4-H Summit Shooters for helping spread a love of shooting, hunting, safety and ethics to the next generation!

Grandma Mildred talks about her hunt and her 4-H shooting group


  1. I can't seem to find the group on Facebook. They mentioned in the video to check them out of Facebook, but didn't mention how to find them. Can anyone help with that? Thanks.

  2. Try this: https://www.facebook.com/OHIO-4-H-Shooting-Sports-143538095689979/?fref=ts