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Monday, January 18, 2016

Remain Engaged on Colorado Wolf Issue

Colorado RMEF members,

First of all, we want to say ‘thank you’ for your public comments that led to the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission voting 7-4 last week to oppose the release of both Mexican and gray wolves in your state.

Having said that, it is extremely vital that we all remain actively engaged and vigilant. I can promise you that the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation will do exactly that! The commission vote was merely symbolic and is not binding in any fashion. In fact, it is likely that pro-wolf groups will push for ballot initiatives and/or file lawsuits in order to force their will on the landscape.

As we have witnessed first-hand, there are many lessons to be learned from the reintroduction of wolves in the Northern Rockies. The impacts on elk, other wildlife and cattle remain significant in many places. You only need to visit the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem to witness that. The bottom line is we cannot afford to let history repeat itself.

Thank you for your support.

M. David Allen
RMEF President & CEO


  1. These pro-wolf groups have never seen how gruesome it is to see a elk calf taken by wolves, one after another. If the cow trys to protect the calf, she is also taken down. Here in Wis. the deer herd has dropped to very few left. Do they know that wolves in great numbers moves humans to the food chain. Northern Wis. people are scared to go out for a walk with children or pets. Tom from Wis.

  2. I hope RMEF does a better job of keeping us informed. I didn't receive notification about the Colo. Wildlife Commission vote until the day before. We can't afford to snooze on this issue.

  3. We apologize for our tardiness. We did notify our Colorado membership prior to the vote but we will do better in the future.