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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Call to Action: Contact House Reps About Wolf Delisting, SHARE Act

RMEF Members,

Contact Your House Representatives: Remove Wolves from the Endangered Species Act

The U.S. House Rules Committee just adopted an amendment to reissue the 2011 U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service decision to delist the gray wolf in the Western Great Lakes and Wyoming from the Endangered Species Act and return management to state agencies. It is expected to be included in the SHARE Act which is scheduled to be introduced to the full House and debated either Thursday or Friday.

Wolves in the Great Lakes have surpassed recovery goals by more than 100 percent and wolves in Wyoming are above their recovery goals by more than 200 percent. The world’s leading wolf biologist, Dr. David Mech, recently told Minnesota Public Radio, “The wolf population is absolutely in no danger of extinction or even undue decline. The population can sustain a high level of take on an annual basis without any concern or endanger to the population.”

The bottom line is wolf populations in the Great Lakes and the Northern Rockies are fully recovered and need to be placed back in the hands of the states, which manage all other species.

Please reach out to your House representatives today to urge them to approve the SHARE Act with this specific amendment. Find his/her contact information here.

Go here to see the full text of the SHARE Act.

Thank you for giving this worthy endeavor your timely attention.


David Allen,
RMEF President & CEO

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