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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

RMEF Pen Saves a Young Girl's Day

Below is a note from a Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation volunteer about his daughter Hailey and a happily-ever-after ending thanks to a RMEF pen.

We went to Disney World over Christmas break. While unpacking we discovered our daughter’s autograph book was missing. Of course, I was the prime suspect for misplacing it. Worst of all we hadn’t written her name and address in it. 

I called the Disney World Lost and Found Department to ask about it. When the service representative heard we hadn’t put our name in it, she was not optimistic about finding it. I then remembered we had a Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation pen in the pen holder. I told the rep the book had a black and white pen in it with a RMEF logo on it. After a moment she said “Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation? BINGO!"

Sometimes it REALLY pays to be a RMEF volunteer!

Don Cox 
RMEF member, volunteer and Elkhorn Chapter (Montana) finance chair
Hailey gets autographs from a trio of Disney princesses--Ariel, Cinderella and Snow White

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