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Friday, June 10, 2016

Volunteers Help Out Aspens, Elk in Oregon

There is nothing better than leaving the woods knowing you left them better than you found them. We had a fantastic weekend with staff from the North Fork John Day District of the Umatilla National Forest by building and repairing Aspen enclosure fencing.

Although it was a scorcher, seven cases of water kept us hydrated and on task. Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation volunteers built nearly 200 yards of new buck and pole fence and repaired the remainder of a five-acre enclosure to protect historical Aspens. A large enclosure was split into two smaller enclosures creating a travel corridor for the elk with the hopes the on-going destruction to the enclosure will be minimized. 

RMEF members joined forces with two volunteers from Oregon Hunters Association, a Forest Service vet crew, Forest Service employees and their families. RMEF volunteers contributed 110 hours towards this conservation project. 

Special thanks to Mr. Ian Reid, District Ranger, and Diane Shirley, Forestry Technician and Aspen Program Manager, for planning this project with us and keeping us plenty busy for nearly two days.

Tim Campbell 
Pendleton Oregon Chapter Chair 
Mission Team Leader Eastern Oregon

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