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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

A Night to Remember in New Mexico

There are some pretty amazing and memorable things that happen at Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation chapter banquets, like the two tales below. The first is related by John Olivas of the Hermits Peak Chapter in New Mexico.

I wanted to share a story from Saturday's banquet we had in Las Vegas, New Mexico. I want to share a testimony on why the Rocky Mountain elk Foundation is a true and charitable organization to each community it serves.

On Saturday there was a young boy in the crowd who was bidding on the Red Ryder BB gun. There were two bidders, one older lady (who had already won a rifle) and one young boy around the age of seven. The bid for the BB gun started at $50, then quickly rose to $100. The boy stopped bidding and was definitely disappointed. At that point James Lucero (RMEF New Mexico state chair) took notice and began bidding. The final bid was $115 with James the winner.

James Lucero (right)
What he did next was both moving and beyond charitable! James went forward and received the BB gun and then walked over to the young boy and handed it to him. 

That moment was the proudest I felt during the entire night. Tears swelled in my eyes and my wife turned to me and said not to cry! I later told the story over the phone to my daughter who was not present and once again I was choked up!

What an awesome group we represent and the actions that this organization shares cannot be compared to any other!

John Olivas 
Las Vegas, NM 
Hermits Peak Chapter

At the same banquet, that night Allan Myers, Clovis Chapter chair, was in attendance and eating his dinner when he noticed that a man across the table began choking on his dinner. In a flash Allan ran around the table and performed the Heimlich maneuver on the gentleman. On the third try he was able to get the blockage removed as the man began slumping to the ground. 

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