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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Celebrating Winchester’s 150th Anniversary

When Oliver F. Winchester started a firearms business in 1866, he never imagined the company might someday mark its 150th anniversary. Or maybe he did. After all, Winchester was a man of remarkable vision. He saw the future of firearms, refined the lever-action rifle design, and then built one of hunting’s most endearing brands.

Today, of course, the sesquicentennial is being celebrated both by Winchester Repeating Arms and Winchester Ammunition—as well as by fans including the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.

“Winchester is fortunate to have a rich legacy that we can share with our customers, our families and those who appreciate our contributions to the shooting sports, hunting heritage and conservation,” said Brett Flaugher, Winchester vice president of sales, marketing and strategy. “RMEF is a model conservation organization and we are committed to their efforts and mission.”

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As part of its hat-tip to Winchester, RMEF is hosting a special anniversary sweepstakes. RMEF members can enter to win one of 150 prizes—Winchester rifles, shotguns and knives – worth more than $71,000! It’s the biggest sweepstakes in RMEF history! The grand prize is a full set of five collector-edition guns (click on image to the right) including a model 1866, 1873, 94, 70 and 101. Only 200 of these sets were made. And they’re already selling for up to $37,000—more than double their original retail value!

Proceeds from the sweepstakes will be used to support RMEF’s mission in elk country.

“The guns that Winchester presented to RMEF for this fundraiser all have matching serial No. 9,” said Steve Decker, RMEF vice president of Marketing. “This is not just an opportunity to win an unprecedented, rare, appreciating, authentic piece of Western history. It’s also another example of Winchester’s longstanding devotion to conservation.”

RMEF members should watch their mailboxes for more details on how to enter this once-in-a-lifetime sweepstakes, support elk country in the process, and join the visionary spirit of Oliver F. Winchester in celebrating his company’s 150th Anniversary!

NILO Farms (see short video below) serves as a reminder of Winchester’s commitment to conservation.

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