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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Call to Action: Provide Public Comment in Favor of Hunting as Oregon Wolf Management Tool

Oregon RMEF Members,

The Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission is currently evaluating the state’s wolf and cougar management plans with a goal to develop an updated version in December and final adoption in 2017. 

As you know, Governor Brown signed a bill earlier this year removing wolves from the state list of threatened or endangered species. 

Environmental and animal rights groups since filed a lawsuit and are again out in full force spreading propaganda that flies in the face of science-based wildlife management, stating that hunting should not be a part of the future plan. 

NOW is the time to comment in favor of keeping the possibility of hunting as a management tool. Go HERE to sign a petition in agreement. 

It is imperative that we raise our voices and speak up for elk, deer and our hunting heritage or others will do so for us. Please take a few moments to do so. 

Thank you, 

David Allen 
RMEF President & CEO

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