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Friday, October 7, 2016

Vote NO on I-177 Montana Ballot Measure

Montana RMEF Members,

There is one particular initiative on Montana’s November ballot of grave concern for sportsmen and women. I-177 calls for the immediate ban on trapping on all Montana public lands. If passed, it would severely damage both science-based wildlife management and the overall size and health of Montana’s elk, moose and deer populations.

As you know, trapping has been and remains a key tool used by wildlife managers. Approximately 40 percent of statewide wolf management activity since 2012 is attributed to trapping.

I-177 will also cost Montana taxpayers nearly half a million dollars annually to replace what trappers currently pay to do, as well as additional costs for local and city governments to control pests on public land.

In addition, I-177 would lead to exploding smaller predator populations, property damage and a public health risk for people and pets.

Perhaps just as dangerous is this actual process itself. Dictating wildlife biology and management practices at the ballot box would lead us all down a slippery slope that would only go from bad to worse.

Go here for additional facts and figures on I-177.

For the sake of our elk herds and wildlife management, please get up to speed on this vital wildlife issue. Spread the word and VOTE NO on Election Day.


David Allen
RMEF President & CEO

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