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Monday, November 7, 2016

Idaho Grants Benefit Research, Habitat, Hunting Heritage

Below is a complete listing of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation’s 2016 grants for the state of Idaho. Go here for more information.

Ada County—Provide a RMEF Elk Education Trunk to Mountain View Elementary in Boise to assist students in grades 1-6 learn about wildlife, conservation, habitat and wildlife management, responsible hunting and other outdoor-related issues.

Blaine County—Remove encroaching conifers from 50 acres of aspen stands on Bureau of Land Management (BLM) land followed by prescribed burning, noxious weed treatment and fencing to promote aspen recovery as a benefit for winter elk range.

Boise County—Apply noxious weed treatment along 38 miles of non-motorized trails on the Boise National Forest to benefit elk calving grounds.

Bonneville County—Provide funding to assist the Idaho Department of Fish and Game (IDFG) in suppressing cheatgrass invasion on approximately 8,000 acres of the 34,000-acre Tex Creek Wildlife Management Area, which was severely impacted by the 2016 Henry’s Creek Wildfire and is vital winter range for upwards of 3,500 elk and 4,000 mule deer..

Caribou County—Apply noxious weed treatments on 526 acres within the backcountry in the Montpelier and Soda Springs Ranger Districts on the Caribou National Forest (also benefits Bear Lake, Lincoln, Franklin and Bonneville Counties).

Clearwater County—Provide Torstenson Family Endowment (TFE) funding for ongoing research focused on an elk monitoring program in the Clearwater Basin of north-central Idaho that includes: 1) establishing a land use habitat matrix to be used as the foundation for management and monitoring of elk, 2) applying the new Oregon-Washington elk nutrition and habitat models, and 3) capturing and collaring elk for subsequent monitoring (also affects Idaho County); and provide TFE funding toward proposed extensive landscape restoration in the Clearwater Basis of north-central Idaho to bolster early seral habitat to assist elk and other wildlife (also benefits Idaho County).

Elmore County—Plant bitterbrush seedlings on 800 acres of elk and mule deer winter range on the Boise National Forest as part of a multi-year restoration effort in an area that experienced large wildfires in 2012 and 2013.

Lemhi County—Remove encroaching conifers from 150 acres of aspen stands on BLM land to benefit wildlife forage (also affects Custer County).

Owyhee County—Plant approximately 140,000 Wyoming big sagebrush seedlings across a 4,700-acre area along the Jarbidge River Canyon on BLM lands that burned in the 2007 Murphey Complex Wildfires to provide calving habitat and cover for elk and other big game species.

Twin Falls County—Providea RMEF Elk Education Trunk to Harrison Elementary School in Twin Falls as a supplement to the science program in all grades which will be used to introduce students to wildlife in their own backyards and the importance of conserving natural wildlife habitat.

Washington County—Provide funding to purchase 20 GPS collars for cow elk in Game Management Units 22, 31 and 32 on the Payette National Forest to better understand elk movements and provide information to assist with management objectives (also affects Adams County).

Statewide—Provide TFE funding for the Foundation for Wildlife Management to assist with wolf management in areas where elk and other ungulates suffer the highest wolf predation; provide funding to bolster the Upper Snake River chapter of the Idaho Hunter Association's shooting trailer in order to attract more young hunters to community events; provide funding to the Idaho Sportsmen's Alliance (of which RMEF is a member) which works to protect and advance the outdoor heritage of hunting, fishing, trapping and shooting in Idaho by reviewing issues in the Idaho Legislature, IDFG and other agencies that affect sportsmen and women; sponsor the Be Bear Aware Campaign's bear avoidance and bear spray information and training events across northern Idaho; provide funding to the Idaho Coalition of Land Trusts which has a mission to support and advance professional excellence in voluntary private land conservation for people and nature; and provide funding to the Boy Scouts of America's Camp Bradley near Stanley to assist with the purchase of science kits, survival supplies and the improvement of nature trails that help youth study wildlife and wildlife habitat.

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