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Friday, December 9, 2016

Chasing Elk on the Freedom Hunt

The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation recently joined forces with the Foundation for Exceptional Warriors and Rowdy Birddog Outfitters to host a cow elk hunt for five veterans in north-central Utah. Four of the first-time hunters were from Utah with the other hailing from Oklahoma. KSL Outdoors Show featured the hunt (see video below). Rowdy Birddog Outfitters supplied the tags and guides. RMEF supplied the lodging, guns and volunteers.

Source: Rowdy Birddog Outfitters
"There’s nothing I’ve done in more than 30 years of wildlife service and over 25 years as a staff member for the Elk Foundation that’s been more fulfilling to me personally as watching these great vets have success in the field and to make new life-long friends. These men and women who serve are the cream of the crop. The Elk Foundation is lucky to be part of this. It’s an amazing experience and we’re going to continue to do it every year."

Bill Christensen
RMEF Regional Director, Utah


  1. Amazing work by RBO, RMEF, and most importantly Zach Nold!

  2. Great to see fellow veterans enjoying "Elk Country!" Thanks a lot RBO!