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Monday, January 16, 2017

Call to Action: Colorado Elk are in the Crosshairs

There is a very real movement going on in Colorado by animals rights and environmental groups to place Colorado’s elk herd in the crosshairs by reintroducing wolves. They refer to such efforts as “great,” “germane to the future of Colorado,” and also state “there’s no profound downside and there’s a real, big upside.”

Those of us who witnessed the wolf reintroduction into the Northern Rocky Mountains could not disagree more! Not only do wolves have a very real and measureable impact on elk and other wildlife but those pro-wolf groups change the rules. Once they have their foot in the door via wolf reintroduction, they move the goalposts by ignoring delisting criteria and filing lawsuit after lawsuit causing populations to grow well over objective. 

We saw that in Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and the Western Great Lakes. Such litigation began in the 2000’s and lawsuits are still pending today. Wolf populations are currently nearly 500 percent above minimum recovery levels in the Northern Rockies and more than 250 percent above objective in the Western Great Lakes.

Now is the time to raise our voices. Contact your state representatives here and let them know how you feel about any possible wolf reintroduction.


David Allen
RMEF president and CEO

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