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Friday, February 10, 2017

Call to Action: HB 50 is Gun Control - Urge New Mexico Legislators to Kill It

New Mexico RMEF Members,

Just yesterday we notified you about a pair of bills in the New Mexico legislature that would cripple in-state fundraising efforts by the RMEF (and other non-profits) and crack down on gun transfers. Lawmakers heard your concerned voices but they are not dropping their pursuits. Instead, they are merely altering their tactics.

Their latest amended effort does not address our main fundraising concerns and, to be blunt, amounts to increased gun control restrictions on your firearms. The amended version would prohibit the transfer of a firearm between two parties unless a background check is completed within five days. The only exceptions to this requirement are for transactions between family members, by or to a firearms dealer, by or to a law enforcement agency or by or to a law enforcement officer, member of the armed forces or level-three security guard. No unlicensed person would be allowed to lend or allow another person to use a firearm for a period of more than five days without a background check.

Organizations that award firearms through fundraising events would be required to appear together with every winner of every firearm at a licensed agent to complete the required background check and paperwork.

See the attached version of the amended HB 50 here.

The New Mexico House Judiciary Committee was scheduled to hold its hearing today at 1:30 pm. We just learned the hearing has been pushed back to 3:00 pm and HB 50 has been moved to the bottom of the list. There is still time to make sure the committee members hear your concerns.

Contact them and the bill sponsors below by clicking on their names.

Urge them to defeat this bill now!

Representative Stephanie Garcia Richard          D             Bill Sponsor
Representative Miguel P. Garcia                         D             Bill Sponsor
Representative Gail Chasey                                D             Subcommittee Chair 
Representative Javier Martínez                           D             Vice Chair 
Representative Eliseo Lee Alcon                         D             Member 
Representative Cathrynn N. Brown                     R             Member 
Representative Zachary J. Cook                          R             Member 
Representative Jim Dines                                     R             Member 
Representative Brian Egolf                                   D             Member 
Representative Daymon Ely                                 D             Member 
Representative Nate Gentry                                 R             Member 
Representative Georgene Louis                           D             Member 
Representative Matthew McQueen                      D             Member 
Representative Greg Nibert                                  R             Member 
Representative William "Bill" R. Rehm                  R             Member 


David Allen
RMEF President and CEO

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