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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Call to Action: New Mexico Bills Would Impact Fundraising

New Mexico RMEF Members,

There are two companion bills being debated in the New Mexico legislature right now that hamper your rights as a gun owner and severely impact non-profit conservation organizations like the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.

Senate Bill 48 and House Bill 50 would require the transferor and transferee of a firearm to appear together at a firearm dealer to complete the necessary background check and paperwork. RMEF and other organizations host dozens of banquets around the state and award dozens and dozens of firearms to raffle ticket and auction winners. Meeting this requirement would be nearly impossible and extremely expensive as RMEF has only one full-time employee in the entire state.

Currently RMEF delivers firearms from its headquarters warehouse to licensed firearms dealers in the communities where it holds banquets. An individual winning a firearm is then issued proof of ownership and is directed to visit the firearm dealer the next day to complete the background check and required paperwork before taking possession.

Additionally, the bills would prohibit you from selling firearms from your personal collection to any distant relatives, long-time friends or other people without government permission. They would also restrict firearms transfers like gifts, loans or exchanges.

See the text of the bills here: SB 48 and HB 50.

Please take a moment to contact your New Mexico legislators today by going here and urge them to vote against these measures.

Time is of the essence as the next hearing on the legislation is scheduled for Friday, February 10 at 1:30 in room 309 at the Capitol.

Thank you for your attention regarding this important legislative matter.


David Allen
RMEF President and CEO

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