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Monday, March 6, 2017

Time to Turn the Page

Sometimes it's just time to move on. This marks the 506th and final post on this blog.

Here's the deal. Back in September of 2012, the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation began a new blog. The goal was to use Elk Tracks as an additional platform to increase outreach by telling stories about anything and everything related to elk, hunting and RMEF's conservation mission.

It turned out to be a smashing success. Some of the posts spelled out direct mission accomplishment in terms of acres, dollars spent and subsequent on-the-ground results while others were merely for the sake of entertainment. A few that come to mind include an artist in the Pacific Northwest who used a welding unit to convert an old John Deere tractor and some rifles into a massive 6,800-pound elk, a tweet posted from an elk-loving insomniac in South Dakota, a new RMEF member who gave his race car an elk-related facelift, and a young father battling brain cancer who wanted to take his son on an elk hunt before his expected passing.

Three years and nine months after launch, Elk Tracks rolled over the one million page view mark. And only eight months later, it topped more than 1.5 million page views.

So if something is successful and continually gaining traction, why "turn the page?" Why pull the plug? Well, because we now have something better. Much better! RMEF recently announced a new online digital hub for all things elk and elk country called the Elk Network. It's a highly visual, user-friendly platform with social media functionality and it's mobile-responsive making for effective viewing on any sized screen, anywhere.” Translation: it's innovative. It's cool. And we think users will agree.

From here on out, posts that would've found a home in Elk Tracks will now be posted directly to the Elk Network. And don't worry. Elk Tracks won't disappear. It'll remain at its current location on the worldwide web to serve as an archive.

Click on the Elk Network logo to go to the site.

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